Monday, March 21

On the Origin of human thoughts !!!

Tracing the origins of human thoughts back to their original sources, is fun, especially during walks on railroad in sunny Friday. Human conception about family, about world, about life, about beauty, about humans themselves, about society! While modern inventions of human mind are fascinating and awe inspiring, while it's wonderful to read how Edison invented bulb, Fleming discovered Penicillin or Einstein formed the theory of relativity; I’d love more to know how our ancestors migrated from caves to hand-built houses and how they came to know the joy of planting a flowery plant in yard of their house. 

I love to think and wonder what was the perception of first person on Earth about his world, trees, animals, streams, mountains, plants and birds? How he came to name them, recognize them from one another? What feeling might be of first conscious human when he listened to the song of a jay first time? I like to think who was the first person to invent a door for houses? Who invented the chair and the table or did both inventions came from different minds in different ages?

What were feelings of first father towards his offspring, of first husband towards his wife, of first son or daughter towards his father or mother? What felt the first hunter upon his first hunt and which animal was the first to become a victim of human hunger. I wonder who was the wise person to feel that he can't survive in this big big world alone and he need to live with other humans like him to stay safe and satisfy all his needs? Was this concept incorporated in mind of first human before he got a consciousness of "living" in this world or it was a conclusion that a later generation drew from a series of miseries? 
This question especially comes to my mind when I see 21st century's individualists counting and complaining of the "evils" imposed on individual by society. I often wonder if it happened so that a cunning human plotted something in his mind to gain power over fellow human beings and manipulated the diaspora, from a late ancestor scattered throughout a valley or jungle, to make them believe that they need to live collectively under some organized rules?
I wonder who was the first person to compose a song? Which material served as first music instrument to human beings? Who was the first poet and how did he feel at composing two or more rhythmic lines and wondering how beautiful they seemed to his own ears? Did first ears listening to a poem belonged to any long haired, blue eyed (or say green or hazel, this doesn't make much difference) maid and the first poet himself didn't knew what he was saying while looking into those blue eyes (or say green or hazel, this doesn't make much difference) or playing with her long silky hairs. I wonder who was the first writer to shape the immaterial sound into material of words? Who was the first person who told his children a story, the first gardener who planted a flower in yard of his house? How he or she felt at the growing beauty in yard of his/her house or in front of his/her cave? I try to imagine the bewilderment of first person who discovered fire, the awe of first person who listened to thunder of clouds, the joy of first person who got wet in rain. I try to visualize the first father who wanted his son to become something the father wanted himself wanted to be but couldn’t! The first bride and groom of world and wonder what kind of rituals (If there were any) were performed at the ceremony of their wedding? I try to imagine the first quarrel, the first joke, the first good morning, the first good night, the first person to ride on a horse (Or whatever was available to him to serve as a ride). 

I think about the first person to use something as a currency and the first person to accept it, had they imagined at that occasion that they have just led the foundation of a system to become so immensely powerful that one day it'll enslave its own masters. I think about the first judge who gave verdict on any kind of case and what laws were available to him or was that solely left upon his wisdom and knowledge? I wonder about the first thief and circumstances those made him a thief, the first killer and what made him a killer (This is one of rare things about what we have plenty of information available to color the images of our wonder) The first unfortunate prostitute and the first exploiter of her. The first warriors, first armies to fight and for what they fought with each other? I wonder about first priests, man's first impression of his Creator in this world and the first tear a person shed for an unseen God. The first school, the first teacher, the first employee, the first employer, the first friends and their first play under the blue roof of sky and first sounds of innocent laughter the silent airs of Earth listened to. The first person who pet a cat or dog or goat, the first person who milked a cow and the first person who plowed the Earth in order to grow something.
It's a series of unending wonders; I turn to the pages of history. Through historical records, found in remnants of dead civilizations, through the human thoughts those made to survive the fatal blows of times, I see the humans striving to survive in an uncertain world with cordial offerings but harsh countenance. I pick up dots from history and try to draw an image by linking the dots with pencil of my imagination. I see humans descending in this world as a family (Any evolutionist around, you can easily replace this descending human from heaven with an ascending human from Earth in your mind, but please don't bother to correct me) and father and mother and sons and daughters wondering what to do with all things available to them to get all the things necessary for them. I see the people wondering (Like Me ^_^) about everything around them and making observations, forming explanations of mysteries tickling, nay not mere tickling, in fact baffling with their minds and then passing these explanations to future generations. For the ease of people those liked to bath in cold stream and hunt in warm sunlight rather then bothering themselves with care about these mysteries and for the ease of future thinkers who bothered themselves to care about how and why of these mysteries. 

I see the family of two persons turning into a group of many, then so many and then too many to remain not a single group any longer. For a moment I get my head out of sea of old wonders and look at my own time, the 21st century and see the human longing to bring back that initial time, to become a family again and then I fall back into sea of old wonders and try to imagine what caused that family to split? Were they in thousands or in millions when for some reason someone decided to break with rest of family and find his own way through wilderness of life, not knowing the splitting line starting from him will grow further and become myriad like cracks on a mirror? He might be accompanied by at least one female partner in this adventure otherwise it wasn’t possible for him to lay the foundation of a unique way of living and pass it to other generations those, over span of time, were to identify themselves as different from rest because the way they live is “better” and they are “superior” to others for their uniqueness.

Oh, a unique way of living? let me stop and wonder again, what caused him to break with rest of family? Did he want to live a way that other or elder family members didn’t approve? Had the oppression of free will started in very beginning of human life? Have young been considered imbeciles since dawn of history and elders held a right to make decisions for them since the first sun rise of their life? Is striving to protect their children from the harms they have faced is incorporated into some parental genes in us? Does the rebel energy of youth also springs up from some genetic coding rather then an acquired sense of need to rebel? I try to imagine the reddened face of first rebel and his clenched fists. I wonder if he knew what difference he is going to make.

I try to fast forward the reel of time in my mind and see the one person after another breaking from family and striving to establish a world of his dreams, a world not restricted by wishes of family and then someone from his later generations tired of the world of his ancestor’s dreams and breaking with family again to find or establish a world of his own dreams. Thus I see the men dividing in tribes and spreading across the world from their place of origin. I see them spreading outward in a gradual circle from their place of origin, say from heart of Africa to plains of Atlantis, grasslands of Europe and deserts of Arabian peninsula, later this circle spreads further to mountains of Central Asia, plain of India, North pole’s icy Scandinavian fringe, prairies of America and in a far corner of world, the lonely Australia. 

I see the world getting narrower for an individual to run away and establish a dream world of his own. There are no more thousands of miles available to cherish the dreams of all dreamers! Sons and daughters of Adam and Eve should now learn to establish their dream world within known limits. I see the era of wandering tribes coming to an end and earlier drafts appearing on the map of world those were to become the blue prints of great civilizations. I see the humanity resting at banks of rivers and stream after centuries of wandering and small villages appearing around mighty rivers like mushrooms in a rainy season. The world is getting smaller! Traders from established rural societies have started travelling from basin of Indus to land between two rivers. When sons of two brothers, departed with each other thousands of years ago, meet with each other they are so much changed that it’s almost impossible for them to imagine that their ancestors ever lived together. It was almost impossible for a trader from Indian civilization to believe that the Babylonian counterpart of him holds a blood relation with him in his DNA. These traders, to return their home with stories of wonders of unknown peoples of unknown lands, were pioneers of globalization, signs that world is gradually getting smaller for human consciousness. Then, I really wonder, then it seems as though someone had put the vehicle of human progression in last gear at once. The number of people on Earth started growing exponentially, means of transportation and communication began to get faster and abundant almost overnight. World becaming smaller and smaller and human ambitions becoming larger and larger ……… 

 (Just to remind you, like all other postings of this blog, this article is also incomplete and not structured coherently yet .......)  

Monday, March 14

When autumn lasts for too long

When autumn lasts for too long
Gardens blank out name of spring
And hold on to autumn, like
To their mother, children cling

Monday, October 25

To a Bunch of Monarch Butterflies

A thousand galaxies hover beneath ...
Green heights of a shady arch
Ah, but dark night of waiting heart
For whom the time is sole Monarch !!

Sunday, October 24

When guitar of day turns quiet

When guitar of day turns quiet
And moon comes fluttering its wings
When noise of day faints away
And bell of dreams clamorously rings
Memories dance around like butterflies
To desirous melody, the night sings