Wednesday, April 10

Were I a Cherry Tree

Were I a cherry tree,could I blossom forth
In the season of bloom, I’d cover your sorrows
Like the season that dresses sorrows of land
Inflicted by fall, into colors cheery and vivid
Healing all bruises, letting no mark remain
Of the past, cold and cruel, pale and numb
Were I a cherry tree, had I got flowers white
I’d scatter all them, over the way you walked
Spill my fragrance, into the air you breathed
To kindle a smile, but even if I failed
For every tear, sliding on your cheeks
(Fairer than anything else around, I dare say)
I’d send a silky petal, to catch it and hold
Before soil could touch it or air could grab
Were I a cherry tree, could I offer you shade
To sit beneath and muse, read and relish
The beauty of spring and lovelier sunshine
Or when sat alone, with a sad face or  frown
I could shower on you, all my heartbeats
Soft and playful petals, countless like stars
Would hug you and tickle, until you smile
Or until the last flower on my last branch

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