Saturday, April 6

Alone in the orachrd, thinking of your face

Alone in the orchard, thinking of your face
Beauty of your smile, jeweled with a grace
Beating your name, lonely heart of me
Dreams of the times, those will ever be
When the season changes, rivers run dry
When a friend departs, mountains too cry
Where green grass is, white snow ever was
Pink face of orchard, pale yellow ever was
Why should I hold then, my tears or smiles
Your absence hurts, your thought beguiles
Fleet of spring has, anchored at April bay
Shady went orchards, sunny turned the day
Pink are the peach flowers, green are trees
Happy is the singing bird, jolly honeybees
Proud stands the fence, humbly waves grass
Calm is the watercourse, like a looking glass
Earth clad in colors, blue sky stooped over
Kisses the blushing bloom, eager like a lover
Strokes of the artist, on the canvas dance
Spell bound are eyes, hearts in trance
Let me run amid them, chanting your name
Short is the life and, time is never same

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