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The Wooden Heart - V

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Sometimes she pulled down heart from its place and held it in both hands. Contemplating on the pattern of bruises underlying the beautiful design, she identified the deep cuts on wooden heart with bruises of her own heart and wondered at the similarity of her wounds and bruises of wooden heart. As though the hand carving this heart exactly knew what bruise was placed where in her original heart and transferred the map of bruises exactly on the wooden heart. 

 A few days later, a gypsy woman came in the town; she called herself a fortune-teller and predicted people’s future for a little fee. There were rumors about her, as usual of a small town, that she possessed magical powers, had control over daemons, was a centuries old witch. And there were oppositions to these rumors, as usual, that she belonged to a gang of robbers, that she was fraud, that she was mad and people were too superstitious to believe in her super-natural powers.

 Young lady listened to all these things and wondered which one was true. One day, gazing at the wooden heart and wondering what it’s trying to say, she thought about the gypsy woman. “I wonder if she can understand what this heart is saying!” She said to herself. “I might give her a try, maybe she could tell me what this heart is saying or at least I’ll know what is true from all the rumors about her.”

 Lady went to gypsy woman with wooden heart. She was sit on a shabby rug with eyes closed in her tent, lady looked around and was disappointed to find no skulls and bones on walls of tent, nor there were queer instrument of magic , nor any large cauldron with talismanic codes etched on it, as rumors told. It was like any tent of typical gypsies, some basic utensils, a blanket and a small chest and nothing more. Woman opened her eyes as she listened to footsteps of lady; a welcome smile appeared on her face. “Come in my dear, what do you want to know?”

 Girl showed her the wooden heart. “I bought this heart from a carnival, it always seems like talking to me but I could never understand what it is saying.”

 Gypsy woman took the heart from girl and looked at it with her old eyes, wrinkles around whom were telling these eyes have seen a lot of this world and absorbed much wisdom from its observations. “This is a beautiful artwork, very beautiful, when does it seem like talking to you? Do you know who carved this heart and etched this design on it?”

 “It’s always talking, every time I look at it; it’s talking to me. Sometimes I fear if I’m gone mad.” Lady said. “As far as who made it, I don’t really know. I bought this from a carpenter in carnival who told me his assistant made this.”

 Gypsy woman turned over the heart over her palm and looked at the pattern of bruises keenly. “This is magic, nay, fantastic than magic.” She murmured. “What do you think of these cuts and bruises?”

 “They are true magic of this heart; they are exactly like of my heart’s bruises. I wonder if the person carving this heart exactly knew which bruise is where located on my heart and how deep it’s.” Lady replied. “Look, how beautifully these bruises are blended in this charming design.”

 “Bruises are vital part of every beautiful heart, my dear!” Gypsy woman replied with a smile. “Only if we could see into heart of people”

 “I wonder why God didn’t allow us to look into each other’s hearts as he allowed us to see each other’s faces.” Lady said. “Was not it very nice if I could see into the heart of person who said he will love me always and then left me for a girl prettier than me, I’m sure I could have timely known that he is not sincere with me.”

 “Heart is like a chest of treasure and treasures are not opened to everyone” Woman smiled again. “If there are gems in chest, there might be people those will envy you for those gems. My dear, envy is a fire that can devour a garden with ripe fruits and turn it into ashes … On the other hand, we might be ashamed of our hearts if we didn’t possess what we other people possessed. From designs and placement of our hearts to uniqueness of our bruises, there is a great wisdom in everything that nature has created.”

 Young lady paused for a while to think and then agreed, fears of all kind caused by rumors were vanished by then. In the muddy and apparently tedious environment of tent, she could smell a pleasant odor of affection and wisdom. “You are right wise lady” She said to Gypsy woman. “Please tell me what this wooden heart is saying to me?”

 Gypsy woman held the hand of young lady and examined it keenly; she turned again to wooden heart and examined it with a magnifying glass. Lady looked all this with interest.

 “Interesting, very interesting” Woman muttered.

 “What does this heart say?” Lady inquired.

 “It says that a person is about to come in your life who will stay forever there and will love you always, this heart says you’ll recognize this person when your blood will spill over his blood.” Woman said, fixing her eyes on the face of young lady.

 Young lady couldn’t stand the brightness of woman’s eyes and peculiarity of the news in the situation we already know she was. She lowered her eyes and gazed on a patch in rug as though trying to decide whether to believe this news or not, it’s not easy to believe in good news when we are used to listen to bad news from fate for too long.

 “How do you know exactly this is what this heart is saying?” She asked suspiciously “Can you give me more detail on this” She had started thinking whether Gypsy woman knew her story or somehow guessed what young lady had endured in near past and readily crafted a story of a good fortune that is common trick of people called fortune tellers to pull in money.

 “How can I tell you how do I know this all” Gypsy woman sighed “Though I’d have liked to tell everyone if I could tell this. If rays of moonlight could tell you how do they know to shine? If waves of river could tell you how they learn to flow? Perhaps then I could tell you how do I know all this but just like moonlight just shines and rivers just flow, I just know this.”

 This was of course not a satisfactory answer. “Can you give me some more detail?” Lady asked. “What if I missed the chance of recognizing him when my blood spilt on his blood? Can you give me more detail on that?”

 Gypsy woman again examined the heart. “Then, you’ll recognize him when he’ll grow flower in your heart.”

 “This is more kind of a poetic consolation rather than a prediction.” Young lady said, desperately “Why can’t you be a bit more clear”

 “I wish I could” Gypsy woman replied more desperately “Look, even the most learned fortune teller can’t exactly tell your fortune. We fortune tellers can just recognize signs of future those are scattered all around us. For common people they are just something part of their world but for us they are very important, as important and recognizable as gold to a goldsmith or iron to a blacksmith.” She put her hand on the shoulder of young lady. “ More wise fortune tellers can translate those signs into easily understandable phrases on the base of their experience but I’m not that wise and can just plainly tell you what this heart, one of signs fate created for you, is saying. If you want to know about things like his name, facial features or fortune, I can’t tell you though I can make a beautiful story for you that will be totally false and you’ll be amazed at finding that you are more prone to believe that false story rather than these simple, plain signs.”

 “Honestly, it’s difficult for me to understand this and consequently, believe in this” Young lady said. “However, thanks for the giving me time. How much I’m supposed to pay?”

 “Just one nickel coin” Gypsy woman spread her hand a very professional way and lady put a few nickel coins on her hand instead of one. “Thanks for being kind to me” She said, took the wooden heart and took the way back to home.

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