Friday, June 17

The Wooden Heart - I

The story starts from a carpenter’s shop in a small town where a boy worked as carpenter’s assistant. Carpenter said it’ll take many years for boy to become a craftsman but boy wasn’t sure if he’ll become a craftsman even in a life time. There was no other carpenter in the town and people depended solely on our carpenter for all their woodwork. At one hand huge amount of work kept them busy all the day and boy hardly got any time for rest during daytime. At the other hand carpenter was reluctant to teach him anything for the fear that boy might open his own workshop after learning carpentry and his earning will be divided by two.

Carpenter, a skilled craftsman and praised by customers for his fine work, didn’t let him touch any tool except axe and saw. Axe was almost completely boy’s job since he joined carpenter as assistant, two third of boy’s time in workshop was spent in splitting large timber with an axe. Use of saw was a rare privilege that carpenter allowed only when planks were required in a large quantity for some work. Tools of fine work like chisel, gouges, plane and carving knives were always out of his reach, locked up in a small box. Carpenter took care of them like a father takes care of his children; in fact, he took care of his tools more than his children. Boy always took a keen interest in watching him carving fancy designs on legs of a table or etching something on top of a newly made wooden box but carpenter disliked this and scolded him for being negligent whenever he found boy gazing at him during such jobs. However, boy couldn’t leave this job, there are not too many jobs in a small town and he badly needed the meager wages he was being paid.

One day, boy fell in love. It’s not something strange thing to do for boys, boys often fall in love. The strange thing is, however, that they don’t care to think with whom they are falling in love and what consequences this love may bring, they simply fall in love and then suffer. So happened with boy, he was busy splitting a large log with axe when he listened to a melodious voice: “Please do it as early as possible, I’m already late!” Magic of melody was powerful enough to make boy stop, turn his head and look towards source of voice. Voice came from a fair damsel, as fair as could be possible in dreams of boy. Sat in a small buggy adorned with silver work and velvet curtains, she looked like a princess on a royal tour. She was addressing the farrier whose small shop was right in front of carpenter’s shop, one of horses needed shoeing and she was in hurry to reach somewhere. When Farrier started his work, boy left his axe and joined the farrier. Surprised farrier told him that his master will be very angry if he saw him assisting the farrier but boy didn’t care, he held the foot of horse and farrier quickly replaced the bad shoe with a new one. Meanwhile, boy casted many glances at maid sit in buggy but she didn’t pay attention to boy except an occasional glance that any customer can throw at the helper of a farrier.

When she left, boy found that his heart was no more at the place where it was supposed to be. It didn’t took him long to understand that his heart had left him and gone with the unknown fair damsel. This was a distressing situation, we need our heart in everyday life and absence of heart creates serious problems for us. At first, boy tried to live without his heart because he believed that buggy of fair damsel was the most appropriate place for heart of a boy who can’t afford to dream being himself with the damsel in buggy. But empty space of heart aches much more than any broken, bruised or bleeding heart and boy have to set himself for the search of his heart after living a few days of painful emptiness. He asked the farrier if he knew anything about the damsel in buggy, farrier replied with a no but told him that person on coachman’s seat that day was an old friend of tea-house’s owner and he might ask tea-house’s owner.

Boy went to tea house that evening and managed to get all the information he needed. Fair damsel was daughter of a merchant from the large city nearby small town. Her father was a rich person and was said to be a close friend and advisor of Governor. As per wisdom, boy needed to think only about his lost heart, but as per the peculiarity of age to which he belonged, he started building a tower of dreams where his heart was located a few days ago. One day, when he felt his breath choking with memory of lost heart and face of fair damsel, he took leave from carpenter that was given after an hour long lecture on his negligence, wore the best thing that was available to him in the name of dress and went to the city. It was obvious that guards at the gate of merchant’s magnificent palace will not let him in, so he chose to jump over the wall of palace’s garden and lo, his luck, he landed right in front of lady he wanted to meet to. Damsel of his dreams was busy reading something lying under umbrella of dense leaves .....

(Click here to read next part ... This is just a story, written solely for the purpose of taking an interval from ridiculous seriousness of an imaginary battle ... This is author's earnest request that it should be just taken as a story)

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