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Candid in the Love City - V (Last Part)

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Candid turned silent, image of beautiful Jane appeared before his eyes and rendered him unable to speak for a few minutes, then he said slowly. “I’m ready to pay even this price. I want my freedom and candidness back.”
 “Good luck with you, the moment you decide to get free is the moment you get free.” Countess said cheerfully

 “The second thing you need is to not let the old man convince you that being tied here is good for you.” She advised. 
 “I can't be convinced, having realized his cruelty and cleverness, nothing can convince me now.” Candid announced. 
Countess smiled. “Remember, old man is an ordinary person like anyone else although he knows the laws of Love City. Success of his secret lies in knowing those laws and the confidence with which he recites the laws. It’s very easy for reasoning to deem itself inexistent and make others believe that it is something above itself. It’s difficult to sort out truth from lies in this world when a learned person can mix his illusion of self-grandeur with his learning. Such a person can easily formulate sound reasoning for his inhumanity and also make others believe that his acts of inhumanity and oppression are meant at something nobler that is above comprehension of mediocre minds.”    
Candid breathed a deep sigh. “I’m ready to do anything and understand the danger fully. Tell me what I have to do to get free?”
“Look, I have a plan.” Countess said and then a series of whispers started that continued several minutes after.

Next morning, when old man came with his sharp knife, Candid didn’t say good morning to him. Old man was pleased by this. “You are improving fast, Candid!” He said happily like a child. “You are rapidly over throwing the false-self burdened by society on you and that’s all what I want, revealing your true self to you.”
“Sir, how did you come to know your true self?” Candid asked.
“Indeed it was the sacred pain that led me towards my true self. There are very few people those recognize the importance of pain, you know.” Old man replied.
“Have you known your true self fully?” Candid inquired?
 “It’s a lifelong process” Old man smiled. “I’m still getting to know myself.”
“It means you are still in need of pain?” Candid asked again.
Old man got cautious. “What’s matter, why are your questioning again and again? I told you to not ask too much questions, you have started thinking again and it’s not a good thing.”

“Do you speak without thinking, sir?” Candid asked yet another question.
“I speak with an inner light that’s above thinking. I’m not like ordinary flock of sheep.”  He said proudly.

 “How should I know if you have truly got an inner light or you mere live in world of your illusions? Why don't you untie me?” Candid kept asking questions. 
 Old man got furious. “Are rebelling against me?” He shouted. “You’ll be kicked out of Love City immediately after you got untied from this pole and you’ll never be able to see your Jane again. Remember, I’m gate to your love and only through me you can get your love.”
 Candid didn’t pay attention. “How will you feel sir if I give you some lessons today instead?” 
“What? What do you mean?” Old man began to get nervous.
 “Just that what if I tie you with this pole and give you some cuts with this same knife? As you are  still on the path of knowing yourself like me, I’m sure it’ll be as helpful for you as it has been for me” 
 “Devil has touched you and you are going to ruin your life. You are about to waste everything. You are getting back to darkness where you have been wandering.” Old man murmured and this was the moment when he realized that Candid’s hands are no more tied to the pole. 
Candid rushed to snatch the knife from hands of old man but he stepped back quickly. Candid’s feet were still tied with the pole therefore he couldn’t move forward to snatch that knife. 
“You are gone mad!” Old man exclaimed.
“No, old rascal, I’m coming back to my senses. You have wasted many precious days of my life for the sake of you cursed ego.” Candid said bitterly.
 “Stop it, stop this madness.” Old man said in the furious tone which was used to frighten Candid but today entirely different. He was old Candid that didn’t care for anything once he was determined to do something and he didn’t pay attention to threatening tone of old man.

People passing by were stopping to look at them and it was a good number of people around them now, though no one tried to interfere.
‘OK, here is a deal.” Candid said; he was getting calmer. “I have some questions, you have to answer these questions and I’ll get my hands tied back to the pole. Otherwise you have to untie my feet too.”
Old man looked at people gathered around and considered the mischief in voice of Candid. He realized that questions are going to be tough and most probably he’ll fail to answer and people gathered around will laugh at him.”
“No, spare me sir! I’m not going to answer your questions.” He said bitterly.
 “Viola!” Candid exclaimed inwardly, though he and only he could hear the exclamation. Old man was trapped in his own trap.
“Ah, sir you always said that being not true to oneself is hypocrisy but don’t you see that being false to others is higher and worse form of hypocrisy. If your inner light says that pain and humiliation are good things, why are you afraid of them?” Candid asked.
“I don’t want to even talk with you nor am I going to untie you. You’ll die tied here and no one will untie you because laws of Love City don’t allow helping a stranger being punished by a teacher.”
 “But they of course allow a friend to help other friend regardless the circumstances.” A melodious voice penetrated through the mob. 
“He got no friend here and how did you dare to speak in matter of a law teacher in Love City?” Old man replied, turning his face to see from where that voice came.

 It was Countess Le Rire, as fresh and cheerful as always. Old man’s face distorted with rage and fury. He looked at countess and then at Candid. “So all this blasphemy was plan of this cursed witch? You are destroyed, Candid, you destroyed yourself by listening to this witch.” 
“I’m not willing to listen to you and neither to stay tied here anymore.” Candid didn’t care for his rhetoric.
“Of course, it depends on Jane’s consent and she’s not here these days.” Old man said with a clever grin.
  “I don’t care for Jane, thanks God I didn’t receive those flowers from her and law allows me to get free any moment I want.” Candid replied in a victorious tone. “Had I got those flowers, of course I was bound to return her flowers before getting free but I don’t need her consent because I got no flowers from her.”
“You are destroyed, Candid, you are destroyed” Old man started chanting hysterically but neither countess pay attention to him nor Candid. Countess moved forward and untied feet of Candid.
“Because long period of inactivity, you’ll face difficulty in walking at first but you’ll be OK soon.” Countess said, “You can walk with support of my shoulder until then.”
Candid looked towards the gate of building from where Jane was used to appear but when saw countess smiling, he got ashamed.

“Never mind” Countess said softly “I know it’s difficult but you will recover from this all.”

Old man was now turned silent and just staring at Candid.
 Candid and countess started walking together. 

“I’ll never be able to forget the experiences of Love City.” Candid said sadly. “It taught me how deceptive the world can be.”
 “No” Countess warned. “You’ll not make any assumption about world from this experience. That’s what old man wanted you to do. From all the bitter experience you had, you’ll make only presumptions about old man himself, let neither his lessons nor his actions affect how you see the world.”

"Whatever, I'll never forget the Love city." Candid shrugged candidly.  

 “You’ll return to Love City again” Countess said “And then you’ll find that Love City is really city of loving people those don’t give even a single scar to anyone.”
Suddenly they were stopped by two police men. “Halt, young man! Are you in love with someone or not?” One of them shouted.
“Don’t you see his miserable condition and these scars all over his body?” Countess said angrily. “What else proof do you need of his being in love with someone?”
Police man bowed to countess. “Graceful countess, I didn’t knew this is you with him. I beg pardon for stopping you and my silly question.”

 “Me and Candid are acquaint of old times.” Countess explained with a smile. “I hope you have no objection on his going with me.”
 “Of course not, madam” Policemen said and bowed again. 
“You seem to be very popular here!” Candid said.
 “In fact, I’m more popular than mad scholars like old man.” She said proudly. “Love City loves me and I love Love City.”
They had arrived at gate of love city. 

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