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Candid in the Love City - II

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 Candid had good confidence in his 6th sense, constantly warning of a danger, but  fragrance of Night Jasmine was so enchanting even after fading away that the 6th sense needed collaboration of at least all other 5 senses to make any sense. Mysterious laws of love city, wisdom woven in wrinkles of old man and beauty of fairest of all maids were powerful enough to give a shut up call to any sense.

 Old man returned with a bowl in hand. “Eat it and remember, don’t fall asleep after dinner. Lovers can’t sleep!! Listen again, lover don't sleep, it's law.”

 “I’ll abide by law!” Assured Candid with all his sincerity and started eating, old man departed. 

 Candid couldn’t abide by law, however, his long journey had taught him to fall asleep contentedly after dinner, without fearing what will happen tomorrow or caring what happened today. He had learned that it’s among great blessings of life to fall asleep happily after dinner and not all people in world have this blessing, even if they have knowledge of whole world in their heads or gold of whole country in their lockers. So poor Candid fell asleep on the same chair where he finished his dinner and when old man returned with the book of laws, he found Candid smiling in sleep as though receiving again the bunch of flowers from her sweet damsel in dream.

 Next morning poor Candid found himself tied with a pole outside the same gate where he received flowers from Jane. He was shocked. “What the hell this means?” He shouted. “Who tied me here?”

“Don’t scream, it’s me who tied you here.” A calm voice replied. It was the same wise old man with wisdom of ages woven in wrinkles of his face.

“But why?” Candid screamed with all the might his throat could afford to scream with.

 “Because you scream ‘But why’ with all the power of your throat and laws of Love City don’t allow this.” Old man replied with rage. “You are a willful student and will not be able to learn the laws of Love City any other way.” 

 “I don’t want to learn these God damned laws!” Candid answered with more rage. “If I have to get my hand tied anyway, I’ll like to get them tied in violation of law instead of in learning the law. At least I’ll have contentment that I did something before getting my hands tied. Untie my hands, I say”

 “I have no objection, I’ll free you and you have to get out of city immediately after that or you’ll be arrested.” Old man said in relatively calm manner. “But I need consent of Jane for this. You vowed before her to follow me and you are under my authority by her consent. If she allowed, I’ll release you without any hesitation.”

 Meanwhile, beautiful face of Jane appeared from the door. “O my dear Candid! What have they done to you!” She rushed towards Candid and hold his hand in her soft hand. “How miserable you are looking over just span of a night, my poor Candid! But believe me, this is all for your own good. Once you learned laws of Love City, you’ll be free and I’ll be with you never to leave you again. Learning the laws of love city will endow your life with unthinkable and innumerable blessings.” 
Candid felt all his rage and fury fading out. “But I can learn the laws with free hands too, believe me, I have always been a good student and I’ll not disappoint you. I promise, please ask him to free me.” He protested.
“O dear, you don’t understand anything here.” Jane said bringing a sweet smile on her lips. “Look at these flowers, you forgot to take them from me when I waved you good bye last night, they are for you and will be in your hand soon. You promised to bring water from river of eternity for sprinkling on these, did you forget? Do you want to leave these flowers to wither and your Jane to miss you forever, to get punished by law authorities?”
 “I didn’t forget but ….” Candid started saying when old man interrupted hastily and harshly. “When you’ll learn to avoid this annoying repetition of “but, but” then you’ll find your hands free even if tied with a pole.”
Candid felt his confidence is his candidness shaking. He looked at the wrinkles of old man’s face and at Jane’s sweet smile and gave up finally. “Ok, I think really I’m naïve and inexperienced here. I need to learn the law and how unfortunate of me is that I even don’t know how to learn the laws. I beg thee o wise old man, please teach me all laws of Love city. Let me drink from the wine of wisdom that you are intoxicated with.”
“Good boy!” Old man smiled. “You have put the first step on way of learning.”
Candid’s eyes tried to look for the Jane but she had already disappeared back into the building.
“Take the first lesson!” Old man said with a grin and took a knife out of his long robe.
“What this old man is going to do?” Candid thought but didn’t get a chance to utter his thought in words. Old man, like a skilled butcher, drew a deep cut swiftly on back of Candid’s left hand and it started bleeding.”
“Oh, it’s bleeding.” Old man exclaimed with surprise as though spilling of blood from the cut was not expected.
“What do you mean?” Candid screamed in agony. “What do you expect from a cut? Are you insane? Why did you cut my hand? Do something to stop the blood immediately.”
“Don’t worry, I have first aid ready.” Old man informed him in joyous tone. “Let me bandage this cut.”
“I say why did you make this cut?” Candid screamed.

“What? You are being blasphemous to sacred pain of love?” Old man began to get furious again.
“What the hell this sacred pain is?” Candid asked angrily, his face was turning pale with the pain and sight of still bleeding cut.
 “Aw, you are such an ignorant fool, you don’t know the pain of love and how it opens up the heart for enlightenment. In fact you don’t deserve being in love city for a single moment had I not assumed your responsibility for the sake of Jane.” Old man said with such contempt that for a moment Candid felt himself the worst possible stooge on the Earth for crying on the cut of his hand. 
“Ok, I want to know more about the pain and how it opens the heart for enlightenment but please bandage this cut first, it’s bleeding so fast.”
“How can you learn the lesson of pain in absence of pain?” Old man shouted. “You have to endure it to understand the law.”
“For God’s sake” Candid implored “I’m ready to listen you but I think no one can pay attention to anything fully when in pain.”
“I think.” Repeated old man with a distasteful countenance, as though “think” is a slang that is used by a student during lesson of scripture. “Who asked you to think? This is against laws of Love City.”
“By God” Candid’s resistance was exhausting now. “Please tell me at once what is allowed in Love City and what is not allowed?”
 “Be patient Candid, you have got a very naïve personality. You don’t know anything about the world even though you have spent whole life wandering and traveling, but don’t worry. You have stepped on soil of wisdom for the first time and you need to abandon yourself to deserve the flowers of this sacred soil.”
 “For God’s sake” Candid couldn’t tolerate more and shouted again. “This was a simple attempt of abiding by law to rent a room in a hotel which you have already stretched unnecessarily long and you keep revealing more foolish mysteries in every second line of your dialogs. I can’t keep up with this anymore, free me and let me go.”
 “You don’t deserve any mercy, God damned pathetic creature!” Old man shouted with more rage and fury, putting back the bandage in hand in first aid box. “Die here in your darkness, Jane will allow you to be off soon. I’m not willing to teach a fool like you.” And he went away.  

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